As an online marketer and investor, every day I see people that are either tyre kickers, or fence sitters, or go-getters. The go-getters are predominantly the high achievers, they want to succeed, they know exactly what they want to achieve, and are usually prepared to pay a little (or sometimes even a lot!) to get what they want.

Nothing of real value in this life is FREE. You either have to earn it OR pay for it. I finally started making money online when I started PAYING FOR THINGS!! Things that were (or could be ) of value for me, tools that helped me prepare myself for what lay ahead, and online tools to assist me also. These ‘tools’ are now an online necessity for me, I use most of them EVERY DAY, they make my sites look more professional and give me an edge over my competition.

Then there are the investment programs I have put money into. I joined several crypto programs that I saw potential in, some with vision that I could relate to, so I put a little money into them to ‘test the waters’. Like I said, nothing of value is FREE in this world.

So below is a re-post that I thought totally reflected what I have said above, I hope you enjoy the post, and you too could become a ‘high achiever’!

Kindly reproduced from James Ray (

Let’s put to rest the fallacy that success, in sales or any profession, is due to luck, chance, and/or hard work. There is nothing further from the truth. Think about it, you and I both know people who work incredibly hard, putting in long hours, they may even have two jobs, but they are not consistently (if ever) successful. Hard work certainly contributes to success, but hard work alone will not make you top-flight in your industry. Is success due, then, to luck or chance? After years of study, in a multitude of industries, I have come to the conclusion that success is an absolute science. In other words, there are exact principles of thought and action that all top-performers universally and consistently exhibit. Let’s examine seven of these principles more closely:

1.  High achievers know exactly what they want.

I was recently working with top sales professionals on a 7 city tour of Canada. In these seminars I invariably asked people what they wanted to achieve in the upcoming year. Many people had a vague idea of what they wanted (or what they thought they could achieve); and even more knew what they didn’t want; but the high performers knew in measurable terms, what they wanted to accomplish in every area of their life. Without a doubt, this type of clarity and focus is power!

2.  Top performers visualize themselves in possession of their desired results.

I have interviewed thousands of the world’s most successful and without fail they see themselves winning every single day. Whether in business or athletics: Jack Nicholas in golf, Michael Jordan in basketball, the million-dollar sales-producer I spoke with last week, they all have this in common. Visualizing is the key to realizing!

3.  Highly successful have an unbending belief in themselves and their abilities.

Winners believe they will win in advance, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. A common mistake among would-be achievers is the notion that “if I become more skilled in my profession I will succeed.” Yet how many highly skilled people do you know that are not profiting every single day? Often two people go through the same training course and acquire the same skills – yet one becomes a huge success and one accomplishes nothing. The answer lies in the individuals belief system and the unshakable conviction that he or she will win.

4.  Achievers take action “as if” they were already in possession of the goal they desire.

High achievers think, work, talk, play, and take action like the person they want to become. This means turning away from current results and focusing, believing, and acting “as if” you were already there. Understand that your current results are the direct outcomes of the past. The past does not equal the future.

5.  Winners take full responsibility for their own destiny.

Winners get results! Results are not equal to no-results-and-a-good-story. Many sales professionals are better at making excuses than they are at making money. “It’s the economy, it’s the location, my prices are too high.” You can always come up with a good story, but winners hold themselves accountable. Only when you take accountability for everything in your life can you be responsible to change anything.

6.  Top performers build high-leveraged partnerships.

No one in today’s world can make it alone. There is just too much to learn and things are changing too rapidly. High achievers always spend time with other high achievers. Like attracts like. They attend the same events, eat at the same restaurants, join the same churches and clubs. Your business and social environment is more important than your heredity, choose your relationships and partnerships wisely.

7.  Great achievers are great givers.

Achievers ask: “How can I provide more value? How can I give to others, to my teammates, employees, or my clients. What can I do to make it better?” Winners always give 10X more value than they ask for in return.

Success happens according to universal laws and timeless principles. Understand and utilize them and you will win. It works for everyone….every time.

James Ray

James Arthur Ray is a leading entrepreneur and life success coach. Known as “The Master of The Entrepreneurial Mindset®”, he has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and accelerate their growth. Utilizing the knowledge that he has assimilated over the last 24 years of his life, James has developed a series of books, audio tapes, videos, seminars, corporate training systems, online tools, and coaching aids that are utilized by individuals worldwide to improve their physical, financial, mental, relational and spiritual results.

Internet Marketing is such a fascinating business, suitable for experienced and newbie marketers, and it doesn’t discriminate against age, religion, ethnicity, location or financial status. It is a mecca for those wishing to make money online, either in a full-time capacity or just as a hobby to create some extra income.

But how many people really do make money online? Honestly, it is a very small percentage. Maybe around 5-10% make SOME MONEY online, but probably only 1-2% make REAL LIFE-CHANGING MONEY. And whilst this is only an educated guess on my behalf, I know from experience that the majority of budding online entrepreneurs simply give up within the first few months, it is widely documented!!

WHY? Mainly because they simply don’t know where to start. They have no idea of what to market, how to market it, or even what the competition is. And then of course, there is the financial aspect of Internet and Affiliate Marketing. FREE or PAID advertising, THIS product or THAT product, THIS shiny object or THAT shiny object, and of course SCAM after SCAM. They all take endless amounts of money from you, and in the majority of cases, with NO RETURN WHATSOEVER!!

And so the enthusiastic entrepreneurs simply disappear, they give up, and will never know how close they were to actually making money online.

How do I know this? I have been in this situation, just like thousands of eager wanna-be marketers before me (and since), I too was on the brink of giving up. Even though I had some tools and training at my disposal, I still thought it was just far too difficult to succeed in this arena.

I have been involved in Internet and Affiliate Marketing since 2013, and from memory I think in the first 4-5 years I probably would have been lucky to make a couple of hundred dollars!! But then of course there was all the money that I too wasted on those next shiny objects, the ones that are going to make me rich overnight, and give me the exotic cars and mansions etc. Boy, why was I so gullible!!

Well the simple answer is, of course we are all so gullible because the gurus make everything look so achievable. The fake photos and videos of endless streams of wealth (by paid actors mostly), all attainable with just ‘3 clicks of a button’!! My goodness, so sad…

But I never gave up. Even though my participation online was purely a hobby at that stage, my dream was to work full time from home, and my sheer determination in life kept pushing me in that direction. I learnt NOT to be mis-guided by the next shiny object, I learnt to research new products and programs in much more depth before joining or purchasing, and my years of online experience had taught me to recognise the good from the bad, how to find the programs or products that really did have purpose and value.

But despite all my enthusiasm, I still wasn’t really making any real money. Maybe a few dollars here and there, but certainly not enough to get excited about. I was putting in all the effort, I promoted countless products and programs via Solo Ads, Text Ads, endless Banner Ads, etc., but the full-time home job simply wasn’t getting any closer!!

Then I remember reading an article online (and I honestly can’t remember who penned it), which stated that the vast majority of online entrepreneurs were prepared to put in countless hours of effort (just like me!), clicking on thousands of emails from Traffic Exchanges in return for advertising credits, but WEREN’T PREPARED to spend a little money within those sites to get them to the NEXT LEVEL!

This was 100% me. Time wasn’t a factor in my efforts, I just kept churning out the ads, day after day, week after week, month after month. And spending money within these sites hadn’t been a factor either (too many memories of money wasted on those shiny objects!), so obviously my cycle of countless hours for very little return was going to be never-ending… UNLESS I CHANGED MY MINDSET!!

And that I did…

I decided that I needed to put my money where my mouth is, to INVEST in my dream, then build from there. After all, all brick-and-mortar businesses have to start with some sort of investment (and usually a very large investment), so naturally the same applies in the online world. The fable of making huge amounts of money online with no out-of pocket investment is simply that, A FABLE!!

So I purchased a very cheap (and un-finished) Traffic Exchange of my own. This was my first baby step towards my work-from-home dream, but nonetheless a step in the right direction. Then once I had that site sorted, I bought my next one, then my next. Things were starting to get interesting, money was coming in as new members upgraded or purchased advertising, this was the break I needed. Then I saw a couple of other TE sites that were for sale, so I bought them also, and finally I designed and bought my last site a few months ago, one that is a little different in it’s makeup and deliverabilty than the others, but also an income earner. So now, at the time of writing this article, I have 6 Traffic Exchange sites, all making money and getting me further up the path to my dream job – working from home full time.

Along the way, I have become associated with other TE owners, forming valuable VIP Partnerships between our sites, and this adds to the momentum, for both myself and them.

So the subject of this blog is ‘When I First Started Making Money Online, and WHY’. The simple answer to that statement/question, is I started making money ‘when I changed my mindset’. Pure and Simple. I needed to actually spend some money in order to make some money, but this time without wasting it on guru-pushed products or schemes like I had in the past.

I now had something that was real, I owned these sites, they were mine to adapt and grow with. And of course the money goes into my pocket now, not some faceless guru or scam artist that hides in the deep depths of the internet!!

But the real reason I wrote this article, is because I see so many people still trapped in the world I used to be in. I promote a lot of products, and people click on my links and sign up, but that is as far as they go. They have taken the first step to enriching their lives, but aren’t prepared to take the next step.

Remember my first baby steps? Those are the steps that these people also need to take. Bite the bullet, take the plunge, don’t forever be a tyrekicker, or you will always be wasting your valuable time online, with little (or NO) return.

I am not saying put your lifetime savings into something online, start low and slow like I did, build your empire from the ground up. Remember the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’! There are actually some programs out there that offer real value, you just need to find them. But of course, do your homework first!!

If you are looking to take your online presence to the next level, maybe take a look at what I have to offer at my mother site, Scorpio Marketing Group, you will find access to all my TE sites there, plus many promotions that will certainly help you get started. I always have membership deals going on within my sites, you can check them all out there also.

Brian Rooney

Affiliate Marketer and Online Entrepreneur

Scorpio Marketing Group

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As an Internet and Affiliate Marketer, when people sign up to any of my lists, I like to learn more about them, what their goals are, and if I can help them in any way.

Below are a couple of questions I am starting to ask them, and there answers could lead to a more rewarding presence online.

Question One

Have You Made More Than $50 In The Past 30 Days Online?

Question Two

Have You Spent More Than 50 Hours Working Online Posting Ads etc In The Past 30 Days (on average, about 1.5 hours per day)?

Question Three

Are You Satisfied With Your Return On Investment To Date (remember, Time is also an investment)?

Question Four

Would You Like To Increase Your Earnings Online?

If you answered NO to either of Questions One or Three, then more than likely your answered YES to Question Four.

And if you answered YES to Question Two, and NO to Question One, then you DEFINITELY SHOULD HAVE answered NO to Question Three and YES to Question Four.

Why??   Because if you are spending a lot of time (and remember, time IS money!!) posting Solo Ads, Social Ads (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), or any other type of advertising, but aren’t earning any money (or very little money), then you are probably wasting your valuable time online!!

Sorry, but that is just a simple fact.    And believe me, you definitely aren’t alone if this is the case.

On the other hand though, if you answered YES to Questions One, Two and Three, then you are obviously doing something right, and I congratulate you for that (because 95% of online and affiliate marketers FAIL!!, and that is a highly publicised fact!!).   And if you did answer YES to Questions One, Two and Three, did you also answer YES to Question Four?

Because you SHOULD HAVE!!   As internet and affiliate marketers we should NEVER be satisified, we should all be pushing ourselves to higher (ethical) earnings, refining our processes, finding new products and new markets.   And believe me, there are new products created and made available for affiliate marketers EVERY DAY, and now (more than ever) there are ever-increasing markets, people wanting to earn online, and you can promote to them.

So I am sure you see what I am getting at here.   If you aren’t at least getting some kind of return for your investment (time and money), then you need to either:

1.  Refine your processes

2.  Find new products to market

3.  Find new markets to promote those products to

4.  All of the above, or


Sorry, but I like to be open and honest with my list members…

And why am I asking/telling you all this?   

Because that was me only just a couple of years ago.   I was spending countless hours and dollars but getting nothing (or very little) in return.   I chased all the latest shiny objects, bought into the get-rich-quick schemes, and listened to far too many online Gurus who promised me the world, but in fact just took my money and gave me nothing!!

Luckily I am through all that now, my several years online has taught me many things, and finally I am receiving the earnings that reflect my time, money and effort.   But trust me, I am still not satisified, there is ALWAYS MORE TO DO and MORE MONEY TO BE EARNED…

As a Traffic Exchange owner (I have 6), I am always trying to help my members not only get started online, but give them the tools and resources to keep them on the right track, without wasting all their money on sh*# products they don’t need (like all the ones I bought??), and I am constantly offering my members bonuses in the way of free solo ads or advertising credits.

Why? Because not only do I want them to remain active members of my sites, but I genuinely WANT THEM TO BE SUCCESSFUL!! That is why we are all online, RIGHT?

But what is the point of trying to make it online if you are simply throwing good money away after bad? That just doesn’t make any financial sense, and is a recipe for disaster!!

So how does one get started? As the owner of Traffic Exchanges, obviously I am biased towards these, but I used many other TE’s well before I actually bought my own, so I do know that they work. There is a FREE option with nearly all Traffic Exchanges and Mailers these days, you simply have to read other members emails in order to bank ‘advertising credits’, which you then use to send out your own ads.

Solo Ads, in my mind, is the most cost-effective advertising medium available to beginners, even at the FREE level. If you are prepared to put in some time reading other members emails to earn the credits, then this is simply the best way to start. Then as you start making sales, you can re-invest that income into paid advertising, and really up your level of commitment.

I have even come across a way of literally banking hundreds of millions of FREE (apart from a very small unrelated purchase, usually less than $10) advertising credits, along with monthly FREE Solo Ads/Text Ads/Banner Ads etc. I can honestly tell you I have amassed over 25 million (and growing monthly) FREE credits on these sites, I will NEVER have to surf emails or purchase credits again EVER on these sites. Click HERE if you want to see how I did it (there is also proof of these credits on the video).

So my heading asks the question, Are You Really Making Money Online?, and everyones answer will be different, because everyone has a different level of commitment, different levels of advertising budget (if any), varying levels of online experience, and different ideas and values of what success really is.

I guess (apart from the money spent), the big question is “How Much Is Your Time Worth”?, because online marketing can be very time-consuming, at least until you master the art of automating it as much as possible. So once again, for that very reason alone, everyones answer will be different. We all value our time in different ways.

But here is the most important snippet you should take away from this post:


Master that, and the rest will fall into place. And if you aren’t making any money online, be honest with yourself, and take the action advised in #5 above!! Or better still, contact me through Scorpio Marketing Group and I will help you!!

Brian Rooney

Scorpio Marketing Group

PS  Build Your List AND Earn Monthly Residual Income

As the owner of several Traffic Exchanges, I often get asked whether they actually do work, and if they are value for money. The best answer is Yes, and Yes, but can depend on many factors, including how serious you are about working online, how much time you have available to spend on TE’s, what it is you are actually marketing, is there an active audience where you are advertising, and of course, are those people willing to buy your product/program/service!!

I have been marketing online for nearly 10 years, and apart from owning 5 of my own TE’s, I also know from experience that they actually do work, I have made many sales and built many downlines from using others in the past. I guess the one downside is that they can be quite time consuming – if you want to stay at the FREE level in any TE then you will have to read literally hundreds and hundreds of emails every week in order to earn enough advertising credits to use towards your advertising. You can of course take advantage of an upgrade or one-time offer that may be available, in order to earn bonus (or even monthly) advertising credits, these usually come at a small cost but can save you a lot of time. It always pays to look at the OTO’s, as they normally contain the best value for money, and look for the ones that maybe offer an upgrade AND FREE monthly credits – they are THE BEST!!

I am a member of over 50 TE’s (plus my own 5 of course), and I literally receive over 1200 Solo Ads from these sites EVERY DAY!! Now obviously I don’t have the time to process all of these emails to earn the advertising credits associated with them, but I do click on maybe a third of them every day in order to amass enough credits to put towards my own busy advertising, this usually gives me enough as not all TE’s allow me to advertise every day. In fact some of them only allow sending Solo Ads every 5-10 days, so by only actioning a portion of them every day gives me the credits I need when I need them.

There is one way I found around this though, an offer that I literally stumbled upon one day while reading my emails. For the price of purchasing a product from one of the TE owners, and from memory it was less than $20, I was upgraded to VIP at all 25 of his sites, and now receive MILLIONS of free credits and HUNDREDS of FREE Solo Ads/Text Ads etc EVERY MONTH!! So for these 25 sites I don’t need to open any emails whatsoever to earn credits, this saves me a mountain of time…

If you want to see how to do this also, click HERE, and follow the instructions.

Now apart from using Solo Ads on Traffic Exchanges (which I consider to be the best form of advertising available on them), there are also Text Ads, LogIn Ads, Banner Ads of various sizes, and Full Page Surf Ads, so there really is a lot of advertising mediums on each exchange, and some work better than others. If you are really serious about the analytics of your advertising, then I suggest using tracking links for each different type of medium used, and then analysing which form of advertising is giving you the best results. That way you can then adjust your advertising according to which is either making you the most money, giving you the most sign-ups, or whatever it is that you wish to concentrate on.

So as a final answer to the question in the title – Do Traffic Exchanges Really Work? – YES!! But make them work for YOU the way YOU get the best results from them!!

Brian Rooney

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As I am sure you are aware, the world’s financial situation is changing, and changing very rapidly.   As such, the way we conduct our finances, do our banking, pay bills, earn income, etc etc., will need to change with it, and by that I refer to Blockchain and Crypto Currencies, which are very quickly becoming a big part of our lives.

Blockchain will, in the very near future, be the main operating platform for nearly everything we do in life, and it is something that we need to embrace and learn as much about how it works, as possible.

With the gradual change of everyday finances, moving away from cash (FIAT currency) to crypto type currencies (ie Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc, and also Security Tokens), traditional banking will change from the normal way we are used to (ie online banking, ATM’s,etc), to using Crypto Currencies to buy online goods, pay bills, even buy real estate!!

And to do this, sooner or later, we will ALL need a Crypto Wallet.

What is a Crypto Wallet?

According to Wikipedia:

A simple cryptocurrency wallet contains pairs of public and private cryptographic keys. The keys can be used to track ownership, receive or spend cryptocurrencies.  A public key allows others to make payments to the address derived from it, whereas a private key enables the spending of cryptocurrency from that address.

The cryptocurrency itself is not in the wallet. In the case of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies derived from it, the cryptocurrency is de-centrally stored and maintained in a publicly available distributed ledger called the blockchain.

There are many Crypto Wallets available on the internet today, some are very good and some, to be honest, can be (shall we say) less than transparent!!  

Of course with anything online, there is always a stand-out, and when it comes to Crypto Wallets/Exchanges, there is none better than Binance, a third-party exchange platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and hundreds more.

In less than two years of trading, Binance has since become one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry.  In fact, it is not uncommon for the platform to facilitate more than $2 billion worth of trading activity each and every day!!

Up until recently, Binance was primarily a crypto-to-crypto exchange, meaning that it had no involvement in fiat deposits or withdrawals.  However, the platform now offers a limited amount of support for bank account and credit card deposits also.

Nevertheless, Binance has risen to fame for a number of reasons. Firstly, the platform offers a hugely extensive list of supported cryptocurrency pairs.  And secondly, trading fees are extremely low at Binance.    While standard trading fees average a very competitive 0.1%, this can be further reduced for those holding the platform’s proprietary digital asset – the Binance Coin.

So don’t put this off until later, even if you don’t have a need for a Crypto Wallet right now, I can assure you that YOU WILL NEED ONE in the very near future, so don’t delay.

It is FREE to join and easy to set up, simply follow the instructions…

Click on the link below, and get your Crypto Wallet ready for the future, the VERY NEAR FUTURE!!

Brian Rooney,

Online Marketer and Investor

In these unprecedented times, when the world is full of such financial difficulty brought about by the Covid-19 Virus, it is extremely heart-warming to know that there is a solution to our future, that there is a way to emerge from the financial downturn that is sweeping the world.

And you know that you are in the right place when the CEO of the company we are involved in is appearing in Online Business Reviews, outlining such solutions, especially for the ‘mum and dad’ investors that ordinarily would NEVER have the opportunity to change their financial situation, AND receive a financial literacy education as part of the package.

Here is the review, as listed in the section :

There can be no doubt that many global and local economic crises might have been averted had the population of the world at large been more financially literate and capable of disposing of their funds without the dominance and influence of the upper echelons of financial powerhouses. There is a need for a new approach to solving the main issues of financial independence among the world’s population, a solution that would empower people and grant them the knowledge necessary to become a unified force capable of controlling the flow of global economic processes on the basis of a consensus model formed on the foundation of mutually shared knowledge.

The signs that such an approach is needed can be seen in the current global economic situation.  According to the latest forecast of the World Bank, in 2020 the world’s GDP is expected to decrease by 5.2%.  Such a decline in the global economy will be the most severe in many decades, as in most emerging market economies and developing countries, per capita incomes are expected to drop significantly.  It is also extremely important to solve the problems associated with the limited scale of social protection systems, as well as carry out reforms to ensure steady and sustainable economic growth on the basis of ongoing education.

The given global forecast is fraught with extreme uncertainty, as the economic consequences depend on unpredictable factors, including the development of the pandemic’s course, the intensity and effectiveness of deterrence measures, and many others.  Many countries are facing a multi-level crisis, which includes a shock in the healthcare sector, disruptions in the economy due to internal factors, a sharp drop in external demand for goods and services, a reversal in capital flows and a collapse in commodity prices.

As economic impacts include particularly severe shocks in individual sectors, policymakers will need to take significant targeted fiscal, monetary, and financial policies to support affected households and enterprises.  Such actions will help maintain existing economic relations throughout the entire period of cessation of activity and are fundamentally important so that after the weakening of the pandemic and the lifting of deterrence measures, it would be possible to gradually return to a normal level of economic activity.

This is where the need for a strengthening of the education sector comes in as a determining factor for ensuring the stability and sustainability of the global economy that would depend on each individual’s abilities to make sound financial decisions.  It is evident that governments alone are incapable of taking sufficient steps, or are unwilling to, so as to ensure their populations with the necessary levels of financial literacy.  That means the efforts needed will become the responsibility of individuals willing to set up organizations and projects capable of providing such services.

One of the leading experts in financial education and professional personal development is Andrey Khovratov, who has extensive experience in providing quality courses for empowering individuals and unlocking their potential as entrepreneurs and successful investors.  Andrey Khovratov is a professional in the investment sector, with over 20 years of experience in the real estate, commercial real estate and many other sectors who has successfully established educational projects on financial subjects that have attracted hundreds of thousands of followers.  Andrey Khovratov’s courses in India alone have attracted over 25,000 individuals, many of whom have gone on to become investors and prosperous entrepreneurs.

Andrey Khovratov leads professional education courses on personal development and allows the attendees to delve into the inner workings of financial markets to grant people the knowledge they need to make educated and sound investment decisions.  He believes that empowering people to dispose of their funds in a manner based on firm understanding of the industry is the only way to allow the global economy to take on a new path of development.

The New Economic Evolution of the World, or NEEW, is the most recent educational project that Andrey Khovratov has decided to launch.  The NEEW is an undertaking that seeks to bring together people to provide them with the necessary knowledge and financial experience in investing from leading experts from various industries.  By allowing people to learn the basics and more intricate details of the art of investing, the NEEW will allow its participants to invest in world-class companies, even with small starting capital, for ensuring revenues.

Now don’t let the words ‘investment’ and ‘financial experience’ scare you off, this is designed to help ordinary everyday people, it doesn’t require massive investment, you can simply start with what your budget and financial circumstances allow, then proceed at your own pace.   It is easy to add funds to build your portfolio at any time, and there are NO LOCK-IN CONTRACTS or set amounts that you have to invest, so this is easily affordable and doable for anyone of any age, race, geographical location or financial situation.

Have you ever imagined how much your life would have changed if you had invested say just $100 in Google, Apple, Microsoft or Amazon when they were first launching?  To be honest, I don’t think you would be sitting here now and reading my post, I think you would be enjoying the lifestyle of a very wealthy person, hopefully somewhere relaxing on a tropical beach without a care in the world!!  Well that is where we are RIGHT NOW with NEEW, we are right at the start, and are very close to launch date, which I promise you, YOU WILL WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS, at any cost!!

To become a member of the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW), and to set in motion a chain of events that (through your new economic literacy and ‘gifted’ CRU Tokens) will inevitably and irrevocably change your life, and that of your generations to come, simply visit our website, read through the Compliance and Risk Disclaimer, then fill out one of the enrolment forms where stated.

Once you have filled out your details, you will receive further information on what steps to take next, please check your email from ‘’, we will be there to guide you all the way.

So don’t delay, don’t think that the world is so full of doom and gloom that there is no way out, BECAUSE THERE IS, and we can show you how!!

Looking forward to having you on our team and working with you closely into both our exciting futures…

Brian and Donna Rooney

Private Wealth 4 All

As we all the know the world is going through unprecedented turmoil, as the Covid-19 wrecks havoc on people’s lives, communities, countries, and of course, the global economy.

Now at a time when everyone is concentrating solely on how just to survive the lockdown period financially, and understandably so, we should also be contemplating our future, ‘post Covid-19’.   It isn’t going to be with us forever, so we must not only plan on how to financially get through the current times, but more importantly on how we come out the other side.

Now I certainly understand that a vast majority of people cannot even contemplate what will happen once this pandemic passes, but with a little very clever planning there can be a light at the end of the tunnel, in fact a very BRIGHT light.

My wife and I are lucky to be involved in a company that, even in a time of world financial crisis, is going from strength to strength.   It’s global portfolio has grown to a massive US$404 million over the past year, and is increasing at rocket speed every day.

And as a co-owner in this company, for a very little investment (you can actually get started for as little as US$10 at the moment), one can start building their very own portfolio, even when times are tough, because the returns later this year and certainly for many many years to come, are nothing short of spectacular.

Where else can you make an investment for between US$0-15 and US$0-19, and by the end of 2020 have a potential value of between US$15 and US$40??   This is the direction this company is heading, and since joining this company early last year it has delivered on ALL of it’s promises, in fact it has actually over-delivered!!

And right at the moment, there are some unbelievable bonuses for getting started, including 100 FREE CRU tokens simply for filling out the enrolment form, 50% matching investment until 15th April 2020 (subject to availability, only for first 10,000 purchases), and there are also some serious $$ incentives for attracting others to the company through your very own affiliate link.   Not only can you earn 8% of their investments, but you can also earn US$350 for just signing up 2 new paid members, US$800 for 12 new members, and it gets higher and higher through the various ranks…

So during this time of lockdown, now is the perfect time to start your new online adventure, and in the process give you hope and a bright future, something we all need right now.   As everyone else is also confined to their homes, it is very easy to attract others using your own affiliate link, as they are all sitting at home reading email, looking for a way out of all this doom and gloom.

So why not put your isolation to very good use, I can help you get started and then work with you every step of the way, my team is growing rapidly and I am so happy to be in a place whereby I can help others throughout the world, working together is essential in times of trouble and adversity.

So if I have piqued your interest, and you wish to help yourself and your family out the other side of this horrible global mess we are in at the moment, then click HERE for further information.   If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I am always here to help.

So let’s get you started on the road to your financial freedom TODAY!!, you owe it to yourself and your family, and for generations to come.

Brian Rooney

Online Investor and Affiliate Marketer

During any crisis, like the Covid-19 Virus pandemic that is sweeping the world and having devastating effects on the world economies, many people will be quite happy in knowing that they have savings in the bank to get them through this torrid financial period.
Have you ever heard of bank Bail In (or Bail Out) laws, where banks can legally take all your savings to recuperate THEIR losses?
In Australia, for example, legislation was sneakily pushed through parliament on the 14th of February 2018, with just 7 senators present!!
Passed on a voice vote, it bears the Orwellian title: Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers And Other Measures) Bill 2017.  (You can read about it here:
And there are similar legislations in other countries throughout the world.
What is this horrendous new law?
It has been referred to as the ‘ARPA Bail-in Law’, the ‘Crisis Resolution Bill’, or just ‘Australia’s Bail-in Law’. Referred to that is, by the half a dozen or so companies in Australia who have bothered to report on it.
Essentially, legislation has been passed to use (read: steal, re-appropriate, seize, spend) investments and potentially deposited funds (the balance of your own savings account) to make insolvent banks solvent again.  OMG…
Basically, if banks choose to close their doors, they can do so, they can freeze your savings, and very quickly turn off the ATM machines so you have no access to your savings, WHATSOEVER!!
So by all means have a little money in your account to get you through your day-to-day life, but IT IS NOT ADVISABLE to have large deposits of cash saved with them, THEY CAN TAKE IT!!
So what are the alternatives?
Well right at the moment the share market isn’t a good place to be, stocks are crashing all around the world.   Gold and Silver have always been a great form of investment in past troubled times, but try and buy that right now and see how long you have to wait to receive it (ie the Perth Mint in Western Australia has orders backed up for months…).
These days there is always Crypto Currencies to invest in, but right now these are also very volatile, so not a good option.
But, here is the GOOD NEWS. 
I am involved in a company that has access to a Crypto Currency in the form of Security Tokens, which are heavily asset-backed, including ownership in 3 gold mines, diamond manufacturing, cash reserves, basalt processing, and a global share portfolio that spans over 25 various investment types.
So members of this ‘closed club’ of investors are in a win-win situation.  We can take our money out of the banks (that could potentially defraud us of all our savings), and put it into an asset-backed investment that is going to pay us hundreds (or even thousands) of times more in dividends or interest than any bank EVER COULD.
This is part of the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW), and the company and its CEO behind this movement, has a vision to change the way the world invests, how it treats it’s members, and not only will change peoples lives through financial stability (far beyond their wildest dreams), but will also offer a financial literacy education teaching them how to keep their new-found wealth.  (It is widely publicised that around 90% of people who receive a windfall, like Lotto, lose it all within the first 12 months!!).
So in these times of uncertainty, of a possible global recession, or in the very least a major financial downturn in world economies, why not have you money secure in an asset-backed company that has such a diverse range of investment portfolios (with the majority in gold), and know that your future is secure and well managed.
If you want to change your financial situation, starting TODAY, then I can show you how.  
Click on the link below, fill out the form to join, and we will then guide you through the process.
We look forward to having you on our team, and watching our portfolios grow.
Kind regards,
Brian Rooney
Internet Marketer and Online Investor

As we all know the Corona Virus is affecting everyone globally, one way or another, and with no imminent cure then we can only expect the global financial system to steadily become worse.   As I write this, airlines are cancelling flights, sporting events are either being cancelled or run without fans in the stadiums, schools are being closed, businesses are closing their doors (either permanently or temporarily), there is panic buying leaving supermarket shelves empty, and tourism is being hit especially hard as people decide it is not a good time to travel.

So what is the follow-on from this?  Quite simply, there will be a significant downturn in global economies, and already around $5 trillion dollars have been wiped from the major world share-markets in the past week.

So if you have a large holding of shares, then more than likely the value of these shares will no doubt be declining rapidly, EVERY DAY!!   Depending on your financial situation, you may decide to bale out early, as in now, and take the least possible hit to your investments, or maybe you can afford to just ride out the crisis and wait for your shares to start rising again.   Every investor is different, and will deal with the problem in their own way, some will come out of it OK, but some will lose some serious money, as in all financial crashes.

But everything isn’t all doom and gloom.   Within every crisis, whether large or small, there is always OPPORTUNITY, and there is a very large opportunity available to wise investors RIGHT NOW!!   And when I say wise investors, I am not referring to the large corporate investors who tend to gobble up all the cheap shares when others panic sell, I am talking about everyday investors, the mums and dads of the world, people like you and me, those that would not ordinarily have an opportunity to make any type of investment, because the program I am involved in is designed to benefit the small-medium investor.

But what I consider to be the most significant part of this program, is that it hasn’t yet listed on the stock exchange, so it is the perfect time to be investing, and the present financial climate isn’t affecting it.   Because this global crowd-funding company has a diverse range of portfolios, it’s investments are wide spread, and therefore even if a couple are affected by any financial downturn, then there is still plenty of other investments in other portfolios that will prop it up.

Wise, you may say.   And yes it is, VERY WISE!!   Whilst it certainly isn’t a new idea, creating investments in a wide variety of different portfolios has been around for generations, but historically the type of people making these investments have been doing so purely for themselves, not others (Warren Buffet springs to mind immediately).

And this is the major difference between the old generation of investing, and the NEEW way of doing it.

NEEW (New Economic Evolution of the World) is a company on the move.   It’s members are part of a ‘closed club’ of investors, and EVERY MEMBER is a stakeholder in EVERY INVESTMENT that NEEW makes on its members behalf.    As such, each member receives monthly loyalty and profi bonuses (will convert to dividends once their system goes live in the coming months), through it’s CryptoUnit Program.   These payments are based on the number of CryptoUnits each member holds, so obviously the more units held the higher the monthly return.

So why is all this important Right Now??   Quite simply, if the world (or even just the country or city you live in) goes into forced lockdown, what are you going to do for money?   People will lose jobs, bills will be left unpaid, many families will unfortunately disintegrate as the tension worsens, people will starve, and the list goes on and on…

So now, more than ever, everyday people need to be in a position to earn actively, passively, AND FROM HOME!!

“Great”, I may hear you say, “but how does someone do that with no experience or online background?”

Well, what if there was a system that ticked all the boxes, that enabled you to earn a passive and ongoing income, from the comfort of your own home?   What if there was a REAL solution to a REAL world problem, one that has the potential for unrivalled global expansion, on a scale never been seen before?

And what if, as part of that solution, you received a financial literacy education that will teach you not only how to create wealth, BUT HOW TO KEEP IT, even through such adverse times?

This company gives you that opportunity, the opportunity to build your very own portfolio, potentially worth millions of dollars, and all the while receiving a monthly income to get you not only through the imminent tough times that are just around the corner, but also for many many years to come, generations to come, in fact.

When I first looked at this program I was a little sceptical, well quite a bit sceptical to be honest.   But after doing my homework, listening to the main players in this company, doing some research, and realising the potential it had, I finally joined and made a little investment.   Then, in the ensuing months, I learnt more and more about the direction this company was heading, I started understanding the philosophy behind the direction it was taking, but most importantly of all I learnt that this company and the foundations it was built on, is all for its members, not for just one individual.

That is the part I like.  I know that the CEO behind this company, Andrey Khovratov, is so focused on making a better life for not only its members, but for their families and for generations to come.   His vision is to create ‘a million millionaires‘, and I for one am a firm believer that he will achieve his ambition.

So since our initial small investment, we have now added further, as our knowledge and understanding of this company increases, our portfolio is growing fast, along with the instant commissions and monthly loyalty/profi bonuses, and we are now set to weather the storm ahead.

And the real wealth creation hasn’t even started yet!!   OMG, when it does, when it is released onto the open market and the ‘big boys’ see what we are a part of, that is when the fun really begins!!

So if you want to realise your dreams, if you want to have some financial stability amongst all the doom and gloom that is embracing our world at the moment, then I would love to hear from you.   We want like-minded people on our team, so we can (not only) help you achieve your financial freedom, but have you help us spread the word to as many friends, family and acquaintances throughout the world, as we become part of the quantum shift of wealth creation as the New Economic Evolution of the World begins.

And you can be part of it, you can be a stakeholder….

OMG, you will remember this day, the day you made the decision to join us.   And unfortunately, you will also remember (and rue) the day, if you don’t take this vital step towards your families financial freedom…

Click on the following link to our website, there is a lot more information there, then get in touch with us through the ‘Contact Page’ on our site, we will guide you through the process –

The time is now, the choice is yours…

Brian Rooney

Private Wealth 4 All

Have you ever considered the possibility of becoming both a User and a Co-Owner in a highly-profitable, global, futuristic and eco-friendly company?

I am guessing that it has never even entered your head, am I right?

History tells us that the only ones who can afford to enter the share market at a high level are the ‘big-boys’, the cashed-up ones who have easy access to all the new corporations and their investment offers.

Well, believe me, THIS IS CHANGING!!

There is a new player on the scene, and this player is set to revolutionise the way people can afford to invest in their future, and that of generations to come, and it is so easily affordable that thousands of people are signing up every day, including me.

What makes this opportunity so attractive?

Quite simply because it allows everyday investors, the mums and dads, the small entrepreneurs, those with a dream to reach financial freedom, to become a part of the New Economic Evolution of the World (NEEW).

The vision behind this company, is to share the world’s wealth amongst the people, rather than have all the world’s wealth held by a handful of people, as it does now (around 95% of the world’s wealth is held by 1% of the population!!).

So is it expensive to become involved?

Absolutely not, one can invest as little or as much as their budget allows, and despite how much one invests, they instantly become a stakeholder, and further investments can be added at any time, so this makes this opportunity not only affordable but an easy platform for creating long term residual income portfolio, along with instant commissions and monthly loyalty bonuses (I am already receiving these, along with tens of thousands of others).

So what do you want to be?   A User or a Co-Owner, or BOTH?

Believe me, this technology is the future of global transportation, with contracts already signed in several countries and construction even started in one country.  It will be the way we will travel in the very near future, super-ceding outdated current forms of transport like trains and buses, which are expensive to run, high in maintenance, unfriendly to the environment, and take up so much land space to operate.

So when it arrives, you can simply be a User, and ride on them, or you can become a stakeholder, and secure your financial future and that of your generations to follow.

It is affordable, it is eco-friendly, and the transport side of this company is ONLY THE START!!

Expect future expansions into Insurance, Financing, Banking, Crypto ATM’s, maybe even Petrol Stations.   These are all opportunities that may be taken on by this company, and if you are a stakeholder, then you earn every time someone uses one of these outlets!!

Are you starting to get the picture?  I hope so, because your FINANCIAL FREEDOM is only a few steps away!!  Become a partner TODAY, or you will regret it in the future!!

My wife and I are both investors/stakeholders, and would love to have you on our team, we see it as our duty to provide this opportunity to as many people as we possibly can – will you be one of them?

Click HERE to secure your future TODAY!!

Brian Rooney

Affiliate Marketer and Online Investor