I am continually amazed at the pace with which the internet evolves, what was brand new one month seems to be outdated the next.  The internet is expanding at a furious pace, and we need to embrace these changes as they are now a huge part of our everyday lives, like it or not!!

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Facebook took the internet by storm, and was quickly followed by the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and a raft of other interactive social media.  I imagined these would be the back-bone of how we went about life on the internet, socially anyway, for a very long time to come, I couldn’t see anything evolving in the very near future which would challenge these media.  

But it has happened!!  

Out of the blue comes a new social media giant, a game-changer with mass world-wide appeal, a platform that epitomises all the other social media put together, but all in one place.  Imagine that, a one-stop-site for everything we do on the internet, now that is fascinating, to say the least. Designed by a properly funded software and distribution company, Bonofa will change the way we do things on-line, and the best part of this platform is that they have also monetised the program, so everyone can actually now earn money from doing something they do online every day already.   There are currently 2.4 billion internet users, about 1/3 of the worlds population, and it is envisaged that this will double to 4.8 billion users in the next 4 years, incidentally the only time this will double in our lifetime.   And of all the activities undertaken online, social media is the most predominant, so imagine multiplying the power of social media with the power of partnership marketing, which is basically joining social media with affiliate marketing,but on a much bigger playing field.   This will take affiliate marketing to a new level, and the potential reach is staggering, to say the least…

So picture this, a massive social media platform where you could also go shopping and play games.  Imagine on the same platform having access to entertainment and apps, being able to use a conference (webinar) system, have access to a FREE video mail system, and a business all-in-one office (BAIO).   Starting to gauge the enormity of this yet??

Without a doubt this will be the new arena for social media and e-commerce, with a built in office system, and it will take the world by storm, it will go viral!!  Bonofa is currently in the ‘foundation’ stages of it’s launch, this is when 70% of the people who make money with the system will come on board ie RIGHT NOW!!   It will then go into the ‘hyper-growth’ stage, the period when it starts going viral, and 20% more people will join during this phase, followed by the ‘stabilization’ phase, where the final 10% will join (the ones that will say “I wish I had joined this at its inception!!).

The time to join is NOW, start building your team and earn bonuses, don’t be one of the 10% who left it too late.  Bonofa is going to offer shares in their company in 2017, and the bonuses (.comPoints) you earn between now and then will determine how many of those shares are allocated to you, so it is time to get busy.

I often look back with regret about the missed opportunities I have had by not purchasing shares in companies that, quite frankly, would have made me quite wealthy.   Well I am definitely not going to make that mistake with Bonofa, and have already invested to ensure that, come 2017, I am well placed to leverage from this new internet giant.

I hope you join me, if you click Bonofa you will be taken to a video which explains the concept in more detail.   The Time Is Now!!

Good luck,

Brian Rooney,

Succeed With Brian



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